Dillon Eisman

Dillon Eisman

The Malibu Youth Dolphin Award is one of many accomplishments for Malibu High junior Dillon Eisman.

Founder of the Malibu chapter of the Gay Straight Alliance “Life Gets Better Together” Club — one of the largest clubs on campus — and creator of the nonprofit organization Sew Swag, Eisman has devoted his high school career to giving back to the community.

“My primary goal when giving back to the community is to make everyone feel more self-empowered. When I founded the Life Gets Better Together (GSA) club, I wanted people to feel comfortable in an environment where they can express themselves,” Eisman said.

His nonprofit Sew Swag redesigns used clothes into fashionable and trendy outfits for the homeless youth in Los Angeles. 

“When I upcycle clothes for disadvantaged teens, my primary goal is for them to feel confident with who they are through what they wear,” Eiseman noted. “The best thing is knowing that I can take something that no one once wanted, and transform it into something one-of-a-kind that makes someone feel beautiful once they put it on.”  

Inspired on a visit to the youth shelter for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, Eisman not only saw how fortunate he was, but it became clear that he had the power to change the lives of the people around him.

His active participation in Malibu continues beyond his club and charity as well. President of his class for the third consecutive year, student-board representative for the SMMUSD District and head of the Student Voice Committee, Eisman is constantly a reminder to his peers about the importance of getting involved in the community. 

“I hope to give back to my school through my leadership, being the voice of the students and seeking change for the better on campus every day,” Eisman said.