Blog: 10 Plagues

Burt Ross

You have all heard the expression “out of the frying pan into the fire.” Well, I have just jumped from the fire into the pandemic. Just when I thought I had recovered from the fire which destroyed my home, just as I thought I was returning to some sense of normalcy, I find myself hiding in my rental home hopefully avoiding the Corona Virus.

And then I had the most terrifying thought.  Passover is upon us and its story came to mind.  I realized that God does not stop with a mere 2 plagues, but prefers an even 10 plagues to make his point. Could it be that fire and pandemic is just the beginning, that God is simply warming up, and I have an additional 8 plagues awaiting me around the corner?

The list of possibilities is endless. If God returns to Biblical times, I might have some idea what to expect. For instance, could it be that just as I am about to drink a glass of water, the water tuns into blood. God did that to the Egyptians around 3,000 years ago, and I bet he remembers that trick. Once my water turns to blood, I might never want to drink again, which I don’t think is very healthy.

Perhaps God might infest Malibu with frogs, lice or gnats in the most abundant numbers. Trust me, God knows how to do this. If you think we get too many tourists visiting Malibu , wait until the frogs, lice and gnats invade. We won’t be worrying about tourists. 

God can also eclipse the sun for so long that Malibu will be little different from the North Pole. Surfers might well be eaten by polar bears.

But what I fear most is God’s worst plague-boils! If my body is covered with boils, that’s when I throw in the towel. I can tolerate fire, pandemics, bloody water, frogs, and lice, even cold darkness, but boils, that’s where I draw the line.

In the meantime before more plagues are upon us, stay safe, and for those who celebrate the holiday even virtually, have a sweet Passover.