Letter: Angels Among Us

Letter to the Editor

I have just met two angels here in Malibu and I want to make the rest of the community aware of them. They are Katie (Katherine) and Sam (Samantha), who are part of a group called the Mighty Underdogs. This group provides free delivery service to seniors and others most vulnerable. I learned about them in a recent Malibu Advisory Services Bulletin. Their website is TheMalibuFoundation.org/cv19.

I am a senior (89) living alone. I have an atrial fibrillation condition that is stable and am otherwise in good health. I responded to the repeated COVID-19 warnings directed at my demographic group by not leaving the house except for daily walks. A few days ago, I reached the point where my pantry and fridge were running on fumes. Happily, I spotted the Mighty Underdogs announcement and clicked on the website. I filled out the questionnaire and provided a list of groceries. A few days later, Katie called and said my order would be delivered shortly. The next day, she called and told me that it would come that afternoon. She gave me the amount of the bill and said to leave my check on the doorstep. As Katie and I were still speaking, Sam arrived with six bags of groceries. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

Thank you, Katie and Sam, and the other angels at Mighty Underdogs. What you are doing speaks volumes about our wonderful community. It makes me proud to be a member of it. This is a time to count our blessings and to realize that “This too shall pass.” 

Hank Pollard