Malibu resident preserves memories with new business

Zack Sher preserves his family's photographs and many others with his new business, Pics2Disk.

Longtime 20-year-old Malibu resident Zack Sher, who is responsible for the safety of his family’s photographs in case of any natural disaster, knows the dangers of fire season.

“We have to evacuate every few years,” Sher said in a written statement. “It’s crazy, but these photos are our family history, they are the most precious things in our life and are irreplaceable, too.”

During the recent Montecito fires in which 91 homes were destroyed, Sher watched his television helplessly as many Montecito residents lost their photos, as well. After consulting his parents, Sher decided to scan all of his family’s photographs onto a disk to permanently protect them.

He decided to create a mobile photo scanning service called Pics2Disk, which travels to homes and preserves family photographs by scanning them. Once the pictures have been scanned onto disks and loaded onto computers, they can be viewed, emailed, enhanced and enjoyed. To scan 5,000 photographs on an average home scanner would take 14 days of continuous scanning, but Sher does it in a couple of hours.

More information can be obtained by telephone at 310.476.7000 or online at