The Taste Police

The Taste Police are coming,

Watch out for what you do!

The colors that you paint your house,

Can not be white or blue!

And red? My God, that’s really out!

Particularly if it’s tile.

And here I thought, what I had bought,

In Malibu — was in style.

I must call in some experts

Who know how to camouflage —

A tasty green, with a leafy scene,

And a gray and brown hodge-podge.

Or how about a great huge Net,

To cover up my house?

So the Taste Police, with their mental feats,

Might forget what I’m about.

It’s really sad what’s happened,

To our expressive Malibu.

It’s now infested with the types —

That control all that we do.

Phineas P. Fogbottom

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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