Workshops in order


    The Malibu Bay Company agreement will be coming before the council soon. The Parks and Recreation Commission would like to remind the council that the proposed public benefit of land and funding for a community Park on Pt. Dume is consistent with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. More importantly, we want to express to the council how import this offer is to allow the city to complete the Parks and Recreation plan and provide for the recreational needs of our children, families, seniors and our community.

    All of the Parks and Recreation commissioners have been participating on the committee that is charged with recommending to the council if a bond measure is needed for Parks and Recreation. As we struggled with determining which projects were most critical and continually cutting back the list to keep the amount of the proposed bond measure reasonable, it became clear that we need to make the most of all of our opportunities. A bond measure, if passed, would only provide for a portion of what our community needs in the way of parks and facilities

    Although the Parks and Recreation Master Plan did not specifically address the Malibu Bay Company Development Agreement, in the implementation report that accompanies it, the consultant states that development agreements are a likely way for the city to resolve its recreational deficits. We hope that the council, the Planning Commission and the community recognize and support this important opportunity when it comes before them.

    The Parks and Recreation Commission would also like to request that it be allowed to hold a series of public workshops with various community groups to clarify exactly what facilities would be provided in the agreement and how they would be used if the agreement is approved. The commission held a similar series of workshops three years ago and the commission feels that this is an appropriate time to update that information so that the best information is available to assist with this important decision.

    Dermot Stoker, chair, Douglas O’Brien, vice-chair, Patricia O. Greenwood, Madonna Slattery