Skateboarders under fire


    I read with interest the thoughts of Tracy H. McCutcheon who wrote the letter in the October 2 edition of your paper. I wholeheartedly agree with all comments! My husband and I live on Point Dume and regularly shop at Cooke’s Market and bank at Washington Mutual and Bank of America. We find ourselves constantly having to avoid skateboarders who skateboard IN THE TRAFFIC lanes. There doesn’t seem to be any enforcement against this and the skateboarders take many unnecessary risks.

    It would be terrible if someone backing out of a parking space were to come in contact with a skateboarder, because the skateboarders show no caution and seem to take no notice of cars. Where are their parents? Do their parents know their kids are “playing in traffic”? I keep an eye on my children and usually know what they are up to. Other parents should do the same. Parking lots are not playgrounds.

    Cynthia Little