A dear doe letter


    I am writing this letter in response to your injured deer story [The Malibu Times, Oct. 8].

    My husband was also at the scene with Ms. Sprafka. He called the Malibu Canyon Wildlife Center for help and their response was, “We don’t respond to deer calls anymore.” This answer prompted me to find another agency who did respond to deer calls. I called the Sepulveda Animal Hosital for help and they referred me to the Wildlife Emergency Way Station (phone 818-899-5201). They were incredible. They were extremely concerned for the animal, they wanted to know if the animal was comfortable and to please have someone stay with the animal until they showed up. They immediately dispatched a vet. The Way Station supervisor called me back to say they were on the way and if anything was to happen to the deer or if another agency showed up to please call them back. Wel1 that’s exactly what happened. Animal Control showed up and euthanized the animal.

    I gotta say I love the way the Malibu Wildlife Center director and president are quoted in this story when in truth their agency never bothered to come out, send someone out or even express concern. My husband had the same feelings as Ms. Sprafka of frustration and disgust over the lack of sympathy or action from the various agencies in Malibu. If this does happen to someone else (and we all hope it doesn’t) please call the number above. We found out the hard way.

    Ms. Stein