Finding the answer

Where does love come from?

Where does it go?

How do we use it?

And how do we know?

Can it be saved?

Can it be lost?

And for its misuse-

What is the cost?

All that we see,

And all that we hear-

Provides the classroom of life,

With a view that is clear.

For love is around us,

In Infinite forms-

In Nature and substance,

And life that is born.

Kindness or giving,

Or concern or of care-

Is a part of love’s gift,

That always is there.

Yes, courage is needed,

To get through each day-

But do it with love,

To light up your way.

And consider the question,

That gives you the key-

Where does love come from?

What makes it to be?

For there’s little that’s in us,

That creates this love-

How else can we get it?

If not from Above?

So, the closer we live,

To this Loving Great Source-

The more we can give,

And stay on the course.

And if you will do this,

Your answers will come.

And with it, the Blessings,

Poured down in great sum.

H. Emmett Finch

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