MaliBusiness: Relief-Mart—For a Great Night’s Sleep

MaliBusiness—Selecta Bed

What does a chiropractic physician do when he isn’t able to recommend a mattress to a client in pain? He invents one! That’s what Dr. Rick Schwartzberg has done. And what started as an idea based on his expertise and desire to help patients get a great night’s sleep has morphed into a successful businessand a local one at that, conveniently located right across the hill in Agoura.

Swartzburg, founder of Relief-Mart and Selecta Bed, started as a chiropractor in Thousand Oaks. A decade of helping patients relieve pain and improve their quality of sleep led him on his quest to find the perfect bed. This journey ultimately led him, along with his father and partner Jim Schwartzberg, to launch his business, Relief-Mart. In a time when Made-In-America is a rarity, Swartzburg chose to disrupt that trend by locating his factory and showroom right in Agoura Hills.

Selecta Bed is the company’s premium memory-foam line, offering a wide range of choices to accommodate most budgets and physical needs. For example, the Temperflow and Air-Pedic mattresses are highly adjustable and allow fine-tuning for each individual’s comfortall without disturbing sleep partners. The Ultrabed line offers custom built mattresses designed to fit specific individual requirements (including NBA players) and/or dimensions. It is also important to note that Relief-Mart products are all made with environmentally friendly and healthy Biogreen foam.

To learn more, visit the Selecta Bed Store and Factory at 28505 Canwood Street, Agoura Hills, off the 101 Freeway and Kanan Road. Visit them online at or call 818.379.4300.