Vita Batin – Thoughts Of My Heart – On The Right Path (Deluxe Edition Poetry Book and Music Soundtrack) Free Music Soundtrack can be listened to in full at: Instagram.Com/VitaBatin or by request via email download links. This Deluxe Version of Thoughts Of My Heart, On The Right Path…includes 12 additional song lyrics/poems and Music Soundtrack for the additional lyrics/poems. This book has already sold 4,900 copies and has been said to be one of Vita Batins projects that triggers the “Heart to simply Live, Let Live, To Love and Let Love” (Quoted by Vita Batin in her interview with La Daily News)For Feb 2020 Event **Please note all RSVP Scan codes will be texted by 12pm the day prior to event via text alerts. You must have this scan bar on your phone for entry****Vita Batin will be present for this event****Cameras/Phones are not allowed****Books ordered on special signed edition – with the hardcopy CD of Rest Of My Life, will be distributed from 8am to 9am, please be early if you have ordered one of these books and have your proof of purchase receipt for the booth to quickly give you your merchandise. No new orders at the booth can be accepted**Vita Batin Info(Resourced from third parties, mostly entertainment local La News Sources)Thoughts Of My Heart: On The Right Path (Her Poetry, Deluxe Edition) This Deluxe Book – Includes 12 Additional Poems/Song Lyrics & and the Music Soundtrack for free listening and the “Rest Of My Life/Pour Your Heart Out-Elegance Remixes” -Released 2/14/2020.Vita Batin’s Book is more of inspirational quotes and snippets from songs she has written. From Vita Batins Interview with Los Angeles Daily News Vita was quoted, “This is a follow up book to The Rains Mercy… but this book is really just thoughts that get me through a situation or closer to understanding life and love in general, just thoughts that i would randomly write down after not really writing poetry or songs for some time…so it was very nice to do this project…Songwriting is very much a poetic thing, lyrically, i guess most song lyrics are a form of poetic expression, really…My baby sister loved to write poetry, she inspires that side of me, I’m a songwriter, producer, creative director, etc, not really a poet…and I’ve never been that into singing either, that just comes naturally as you have to know that to create, write and produce, and so on. (Interview ends)Artist, Vita Batin has always been a very reclusive artist. She hasn’t reveled in the spotlight, she doesn’t stay in the gossip papers, and for so long, she’s been able to keep her private life private. Vita Batin has an estimated net worth of 6.2 million dollars in publishing and creative work. The last time we consistently had the chance to see her out of the house was when she was doing events and radio tours in 2015 in the US, Italy and Dubai. Vita was know for attending as many as 3 spiritual events a week in very open spaces and it least 30 musical events a year. Since 2016 she has been absent but still doing a lot of work in the background and holding controlled events. She or her management finally opened up an Instagram in 2017 as well as signing a new 14 year publishing agreement after 11 years with her previous Label.Vita Batins work is primarily a behind the scenes writer and creative contributor to the arts, musical, and entertainment industries as well as community based organizations. She is best known for her work with Jeff Timmons from the very popular 90’s Group, 98 degrees and her Back 2 Heaven Album released on 4/21/2018 Produced and Feat. Jeff Timmons. As well as her work with Toni Braxton, Jewel, Will Gill, and many others. Vita Batin was also managed by Morgan Carey, Mariah Careys brother, in which Vita hinted in 2019 she would one day hope to release the work they did under the Working Title, Velato.

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