Thoughts Of My Heart: On The Right Path (Deluxe Poetry Book)

Im so happy that we will be having a live (must have masks!!) poetry reading sit down on the calming and relaxing beach of Malibu. Books will be available for purchase as well at event or you can get @Amazon. This is a private beach area. Please check your text alerts at 786 588 5116 or meetup for details on RSVP and Location. (This event has been limited to 40 people due to covid and is set up in groups of 5) This will be followed by Vitas “Dancing on the beach” for the “Dance is the movement of the heart” Project as well as a third party event of “Yoga Beach Class” (Limited to 8 people) Events: September 18 2020. Please note as of right now Vitas Dancing projects will be done via a special online link the last sunday of each month starting September 2020, please text 786 588 5116 to join and sign up. Sept 18 2020 is the only live event for “Dance is the movement of the heart” Project at this time until further notice. *Vita Batin to appear at the Poetry Book Lunch Reading” and the “Dancing on the beach” event. Vita Batin will not be present for the Yoga Beach class. 

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