Celebrating World Love For Dolphin Day and World Whale Day


Did you know that February 13th is World Love For Dolphin Day?

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is shinning a bright international spotlight on Taiji’s infamous killing and kidnapping cove. Thousands of people in 32 cities are preparing to bring the world’s love and reverence for dolphins to Japan’s doorstep at Japanese embassies and consulates across America and around the globe.

Dolphins are “doctors of the sea.” They keep populations of their prey fit by culling the old, weak and sick. Dolphins prevent diseases from becoming epidemics.

The giants of the oceans are celebrated the following day — February 14th on World Whale Day. It’s a special day because it raises awareness of the vital importance of the health and well being of these tremendous creatures.

Whales fertilize the sea with their flocculent fecal plumes, which grow more phytoplankton that sucks rising levels of carbon dioxide out of the air. That means whales are helping to fight climate change!

Please support Sea Shepherd Australia, Living Ocean and The Whale Spotter because they are helping to protect the “sentinels of the sea” — whales.

Please join me in wearing something blue, holding a sign saying “I Wear Blue For the Oceans,” and sending your picture to our facebook events page.

Earth Dr. Reese Halter’s latest book is Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save our Oceans.