Photos: Malibu Celebrates Earth Day Through the Arts

A large group gathered in the Malibu Library community room for the Earth Day Celebration with MC Actor John Savage and David S. Robinson Hicks. 

Malibu Ballet and Performing Arts Society held “Rhyming In The Universe (RIU) Earth Day Celebration” at the Malibu Library on Saturday. Over 150 attendees were treated to a variety of performances such as tap dancing, modern dance, ballet and opera. Children from Oaks Street Elementary School in Inglewood attended as part of the Arts Foundation outreach program. 

Arts Foundation co-director Rhoda Robinson said, “The RUI Earth Day Celebration is to educate and bring children and communities together, to help build young leaders who will protect the Earth and help one another.” 

The event was sponsored by Team United and Global Campus Brotherhood, through the Arts Foundation and Malibu Ballet and Performing Arts Society.