Planetary Themes for the Month of July

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


You remain in the “emotional realm” as Mars continues to transit Cancer this month. Try not to suppress feelings. Family and domestic matters also take on more importance. Children or recreational pursuits are highlighted through the 18th. After the 18th, more focus is on work, getting organized, health or fitness.


Your mind is active for communicating and expressing new ideas. As Venus transits Leo through the 18th, remember to have fun and play more. Your rigidity, habits and fixed ways may be your worst enemy. After the 18th, more joy and satisfaction can come through your work, monetary rewards and accomplishing goals. 


You are in your own element for expressing yourself and social interactions until the 8th. After this date, your emotional and sentimental side comes out. Family and domestic matters take on more importance. The focus is also on your values and self worth. You can receive intuitive insights during the second week of July.


As Mars transits your sign, this helps energize you with more strength and courage to accomplish your goals. You are also in a positive cycle for healing internal issues or improving domestic relations through the 13th. During the second half of the month, the urge is strong to make some changes in your life.


As Venus transits your sign through the 18th, your personal magnetism and ability to attract and express more love remains strong. You may be also behind the scenes or feeling the urge to escape reality. Time spent alone can bring rewards through the 22nd. On the 23rd, it’s time to come out more, play and express your creativity.


This month will require a balance between your social life and your reclusive side. You can receive more support and a sense of family through your friends or social life. Time alone can also be more gratifying through the 18th. After the 18th, as Venus enters your sign, you are in a high cycle for more love and attracting the finer things. 


Your strength lies in the social arena this month. Get out and interact with friends or at social gatherings. You are probably dealing with a lot of activity in the career area or with domestic matters. During the second half of the month, you may feel compelled to make some changes in your life or move in an entirely new direction.


This is a period for expanding your beliefs, travel and higher education. After the 8th, you will probably feel the need to express your feelings to others. There may be some issues related to love or finances that need to be examined around the middle of the month. Try to be more adaptable to change and things will go easier.


Personal relationships, interacting with others and exchanging ideas is highlighted through the 8th. After this date, you may be forced to dig deeper into personal issues and express your emotional side. An examination of finances is a good idea. Avoid taking unnecessary risks and play it safe with speculative matters.


Narrowing your focus on priorities will get the job done through the 8th. Personal relationships and relationships with family or children are highlighted. You remain in a favorable cycle for attracting more support and resources in your life. There may be some love or money related issues to resolve around the middle of the month. 


The needs of significant others in your life may require more of your attention through the 18th. Make sure you take enough time for yourself. There may be some relationships issues to look at during the middle of the month. Find more balance between work and play. Health and fitness becomes more of a priority. 


Your house of romance, fun and creativity is highlighted this month. After the 8th, you are better tuned in to express and communicate your feelings to others. A resolution of family or domestic related issues can be attained. After the 18th, a significant other or new love interest can take on more importance in your life.