Go for burlap


While I applaud the city’s efforts at keeping our outdoor spaces, beaches and waterways clean such as the recent commercial plastic bag ban, it is clear we have a long way to go. Has anyone traveled up Latigo Canyon Rd. recently and looked, I mean really looked, beyond their windows?

There are probably thousands of deteriorating plastic sand bags used to shore up the landslides that are shedding plastic shards all up and down the road, hillsides and ultimately on to our beaches and the ocean. This not only is unsightly but poses health risks to both us and, more importantly, to our marine life.

The plastic bags really need to be removed and replaced with a durable, biodegradable bag such as burlap. And then ban future use of such plastic bags. After years of bickering and pending lawsuits we are closer, not close, to getting our water quality issues addressed so let’s do the right thing the first time. It’s not only smart, but cost effective.

Robert Pousman