Can’t abide CAN agenda


What do Steve Uhring, Kathy Sullivan and Dean Ruiz have in common? It’s obvious. They want to take over our present City Council and replace them with hand-picked, unqualified CAN puppets. How do I know this? Well, Steve Uhring is the CAN president. Kathy Sullivan is a paid operative of CAN (see CAN’s last financial filing). Dean Ruiz is listed as a voter at the same address as Kathy Sullivan. All seem to exist only to spew the CAN anti-council line.

I applaud The Malibu Times’ policy of printing only real people’s letters, unlike the other newspaper in town. Under their policy, I don’t have to sign my real name to this letter. That way I could say anything I want and not have to take any responsibility for my words. It’s pretty obvious that CAN’s pro Coastal Commission, anti-local control agenda isn’t shared by the present City Council. That’s why CAN wants them gone. Remember, it was the leaders of CAN who stood up in the Coastal Commission’s hearing and testified that the Commission should write our laws instead of the residents of Malibu. What a group!

Doug O’Brien