City leaders say what they want in 1999


“I hope that 1999 will be a better year for the business community, roads will remain open, and we all want a more civilized dialogue.” Mary Lou Blackwood, executive VP, Malibu Chamber of Commerce, which recently scored higher than the City Council on a voter trust scale in a recent poll conducted for the city.

“No disasters in 1999 so we can finish the disasters we’re working on from 1998.” Harry Peacock, Malibu city manager

“I want Malibu to stay sewer free. The Regional Water Quality Control Board is trying to impose restrictions that aren’t necessary by taking an overly aggressive stand without evidence to back it up.” Les Moss, former Malibu planning commissioner

“I’m optimistic. I see the council actually beginning to work better. Fiscally we’re in good shape.” Hap Holmwood, Malibu Emergency Services Coordinator

“Another sewer free year for Malibu.” Christi Hogin, Malibu city attorney, recently elected president of the 85-city Southern California City Attorneys Association

“I wish the property owners of Malibu would become aware of the disastrous effects of the ‘Hillside Ordinance’ being formulated by the planning commission . . . . Even remodels on Point Dume would be restricted.” Kay Furguson, community property rights advocate