Excuse me!


    Public apologies seem to be in

    If you’re sorry, we’ll forgive you

    No matter the sin

    Now everyone seems to be eager to do it,

    To apologize then admit that they blew it.

    “I’m deeply sorry” our president said

    “But I didn’t lie, I only misled”

    Guiliani with regret and deep remorse

    Publicly announced he would get a divorce

    The Park Service in response to public ire

    Apologized for starting the Los Alamos fire

    The Argentine president said he did rue

    The harboring of Nazis after World War Two

    Pope John appearing in a mood of contrition

    Apologized for the Inquisition

    If the sons have to pay their fathers’ dues

    Should the Egyptians apologize

    For enslaving the Jews?

    So you’ve erred. You are human!

    Don’t wallow in the doubt of it.

    Apologize, say you’re sorry,

    And just snap out of it!

    If there’s something I said

    And you feel I’ve offended

    I apologize, I’m sorry.

    No offense was intended

    Geraldine Forer Spagnoli