Obituary: Ralph Goodson

Ralph Goodson, one of Malibu’s early characters, has died with his family at his side. Goodson enjoyed photography, and left indelible images of local Malibu events and also took photos with the U.S. Air force during the Korean War.

Goodson graduated from the USC Gould School of Law, where his Young Republicans organization was among the largest in the country. He then started working with Litton Industries, and was later appointed to Ronald Reagan’s business task force transition and efficiency team.

The appointment wi th Reagan’s office and his early experiences with off-road vehicles, horses and hiking led to Goodson’s appointment to the California Recreational Trails committee, which was tasked with expanding outdoor nature opportunities. Later, as chair, he was the last Reagan Republican to leave Jerry Brown’s administration with two Brown reappointments.

In the private sector, Goodson was the youngest attorney with the American Arbitration Association. Additionally, he worked as a private practice, real estate and tax attorney, who worked to establish early cash flow projection techniques, the sale leaseback practice, and creating the earliest versions of the modern Real Estate Prospectus.

Goodson is most fondly linked to his lifelong passion for the USC football team and band, which anchored his family life and his many vibrant friends.

Goodson is sur vived by Trisha, his wife of 34 years; sons Ron and Randy, and seven grandchildren.


Contributions to the USC band are suggested.

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