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Shortly after the state came out with the SAT 9 test scores I was contacted by a reporter from the Los Angeles Times and asked to what I attributed the dramatic increase and excellent scores at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School. He wanted to know what I had done.

Here is the truth: I didn’t do anything special.

I didn’t teach the children the lessons or how to take tests so they could develop their skills and talents. I didn’t take home the books and study or work on projects and learn to use my computer so that I could feel good about myself as a student. I didn’t do homework with them in the afternoons or read to them at night so they would know that I loved them and learning is important in my family. I didn’t do the secretarial work or clean the school or do the gardening so the school would run efficiently and be a warm, welcoming place.

Cabrillo has very strong scores because we have excellent teachers who are dedicated to the children they teach. We have bright, talented children who are self-motivated and eager to learn. We have caring and supportive parents who believe in our school. We have a support staff that is outstanding and who put children first.

I am a cheerleader. I have the easy job. It is the teachers, children, parents and staff who truly make a school a success. My sincere congratulations to all of you for all that you do and all that you are. I know the year ahead is going to be fabulous.

I’m Cabrillo and I’m proud.

Patricia A. Cairns, principal

Juan Cabrillo Elementary School

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