Nelson Mandela: A President or a Father?

Duna DiVito

When I first heard that Mandela ”chose” to go to jail rather than raising his kids, staying home to help his wife, my first reaction was to think he was out out of his mind. A father has to stay home and give a solid education and support to his family.

Later on, when I saw the big difference he made in his country, probably the whole world, I thought he was right because there were millions of kids out there that needed his message, including his own kids. If I were Mandela’s daughter, I’d be so proud of his mission. Mandela was a peaceful revolutionary who never gave up. I am also happy because he didn’t get killed. Would he be that lucky if was from another country? One thing I know for sure, he was lucky to be the father of his country all the way through.

Duna DiVito is an 8-year-old Malibu resident who loves journalism.