Tech Blog: Microsoft XP, The End of a Legend

Jason Zammit

Yes, it is sad but it is true: after 13 years of faithful service, Microsoft has stopped supporting their aging (and, by far, favorite) operating system.

While the operating system is the most widely used ever created, with hundreds of millions of users and applications that include in-car navigation/dvd systems, ATMs at the bank and entertainment systems, Microsoft has to discontinue support due to its aging infrastructure in the modern age.

What does that mean for you, the consumer? Even if you don’t know it, Microsoft is working around the clock every day fixing flaws with its software, (all of its software) under a duty of care to try and stop the bad guys from getting into your computer.  On April 8, they will stop working on XP.  Any flaws found in the operating system by the “bad guys” will not be fixed and if you have XP, your computer will be susceptible.

What do you do now?  Chances are, if you are running XP, your computer is too old to upgrade to Windows 8 because the components inside your aging computer are not powerful enough and even if they were, the whole experience would be less than desirable. This is a great opportunity to replace your dinosaur and get with the times.

Although Windows 8 is my least favorite operating system, it’s all you can get, unless you buy directly from manufacturers on their business website and you can get Windows 7 there. There are some steps that you can take to make 8 more appealing but more of that next week. 

Option two is to buy used Vista or Windows 7 computers.  A more radical approach is to move to Apple. While this is daunting for most, it needn’t be if the right approach and advice is sought prior to making the plunge. I have seen a few Apples go back to the store over the years due to some people not being ready for change and re-learning different applications.

Professional advice should be sought prior to committing to any evacuation plan from XP, as individual needs and capabilities are different from person to person.

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