Letter: Residence Issues

Letter to the Editor

Something stinks in Denmark, as Shakespeare famously said. 

Re: Jefferson Wagner’s now universally covered visit by the District Attorney’s office, naked and handcuffed, with guns to his head; The Local newspaper has done a much more thorough investigation of what was underlying this charge of nonresidency. Even NBC did more research!

We all know the city borders have been changed from 27 miles to 23 miles to 21 miles, according to the “hospitality” signs. Who is in and who is out? Jefferson lives between Latigo and Kanan. How is that outside Malibu? 

After doing a little real estate search, there’s a 29.4-acre piece of land at 27400 Old Chimney Road, in “Malibu, CA 90265,” which sold in February of this year for only $300,000. There’s also a three bed/three bath foreclosure for under a million on the same street: 90265. 

Rocky Oaks Winery is located at 340 Kanan Road: 90265. 

Calamigos Ranch/Malibu Cafe is in Malibu as well: 327 Latigo Cyn Rd, 90265.

Rev Fred and his Phoenix Retreat are three miles up Latigo: 90265

Eric and Mary Wright, of the Frank Lloyd Wright family, are at the top of Piuma: 90265 

The Getty Museum is 90265 and everyone on that street can get pizza delivery from Malibu—even though it’s obviously in Palisades.

This is a bogus, hyper-political embarrassment for the City of Malibu and clearly a personal attack, taking underhanded “who you know” advantage of connections to LA’s gubernatorial candidate, who has since lost his race. 

I hope you will do a much better sleuthing piece, especially since the DA’s office has admitted there was no violation and no action being taken.

Beate Nilsen