Teacher is irreplaceable


    I am a concerned parent with two children at Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School where I also serve on the PTA board. I am proud to serve our school and our district. We are so fortunate to have an amazing group of teachers and staff members who strive to achieve excellence in all of their endeavors. I would like to focus on one special employee at Pt. Dume Elementary School who will not be returning next year if Measure S fails on June 3.

    Dee Dee Cooper is our school librarian and one of the pink slipped employees that we all stand to lose next year without the passage of Measure S. Mrs. Cooper is not only in charge of maintaining the library books, cataloguing and shelving new books and ordering all of the text books for the classrooms, she brings books to life for all of the children at the school. Mrs. Cooper has a gift for knowing what will excite children to read. Whether it is dressing in character for a particular author, book series or theme or having the knack for picking a book that will interest a particular child, Dee Dee has those special qualities that make her irreplaceable. If Measure S fails, we will not only lose Mrs. Cooper but all of the other elementary librarians as well. Realistically, our children will simply not have the same access to books and information that are an essential part of their growth as life-long learners.

    Mrs. Cooper spends each day inspiring our kids to read, to learn and to play fair. Mrs. Cooper monitors lunchtime at our school always with ease and a smile. Mrs. Cooper also manages the recess hour, she oversees playground disputes, participates in handball matches and always encourages our kids to work out their differences on the playground. When I think of the endless list of tasks she performs each day for all our kids at PDMS I can’t image our school without her. As an involved parent in PTA, I hope at a time when our voices need to be heard all our parents in Malibu and Santa Monica Unified School District will make every effort to save our schools’ quality, employees, and programs. Our kids need more mentors like Mrs. Cooper in their daily lives to grow into well-rounded adults. We owe it to all our children to vote on June 3. Measure S is the only thing on the ballot. Please remember to vote and help save on schools!

    Debbie Kester