Harlow remembered


It was with great sadness that I read of John Harlow’s passing. John was unique; the kind of person we see so rarely these days. John said what he meant. He was thoughtful and careful in making his decisions. Once he made a decision, he told you what it was, even when he knew you believed differently.

John and I had many areas of agreement and disagreement, but I never lost my respect for him. I recall hours spent on the Study Group which helped create a plan for the City to meet the waste reduction mandated by the State. We all laughed, argued, researched and worked our way through hundreds of options to a plan that all of us were proud to present.

Even though I no longer live in Malibu, I look at the papers online from time to time. The same arguments seem to continue. John’s common sense reasoning and attitude will certainly be missed, as will his tireless ability to research issues.

My thoughts are with his wife Emily and their sons at this difficult time.

Naurene Luse

Henderson, NV