Bottom line on condos


    This is in response to Patt Healy’s (Malibu Coalition for slow growth) letter to the editor, dated April 6, regarding the 38 condominiums currently under construction on six acres at Lunita Bailard located in the Trancas area of West Malibu.

    She wrote “For the record, there was never a proposal for six houses before the City Council for its approval. This is pure propaganda.”

    The minutes (page 12 and 13, Section 5), and videotape (Count Timer #4250 and #4445) of the September 13, 1995, City Council Meeting reflect her participation and following action by the City Council.

    Stanley Lamport, representing the First Los Angeles Bank, owner of the property, “… an RR-5 designation with a specific plan overlay would leave the bank no choice but to go with a condominium project. He would prefer an RR-1 designation and would be happy with an RR-2.” (Page 12)

    “Mayor Pro Tem Harlow moved to redesignate the Preferred Financial property from RR-5 to RR-2. There was no second to the motion.” (Page 13)

    That’s how we got 38 condominiums instead of three homes at Lunita Bailard.

    John Harlow