Obituary: Marie Jordanou

Marie Jordanou, a local mom and former broker in Malibu, died Feb. 17 of cancer, just days after the Malibu community came together to raise money for her family. She was 53. 

Last summer, Jordanou was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, which metastasized throughout her body. 

Friends called her “Marie of Malibu” after many got used to seeing her around town during the eight years she lived in Malibu. 


“She had a wild sense of humor, loved to have fun and she was an amazing mom,” said friend Kimberly Russell. “She did karate and taught the kids how to play chess.” 

Russell met Jordanou through the PTA at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School four years ago. 

“It sounds so cliche, but to know her was to love her,” Russell said. “You’d meet her, and she had just the most beautiful turquoise eyes and these beautiful red ringlets of hair. And a wicked laugh that was just so contagious.” 

After Marie’s passing on Sunday, friends came together for an informal memorial and sunset at Westward Beach, lighting a few candles and lanterns in her honor. 

Jordanou had been a real estate mortgage broker, but was unable to work for quite some time. Her medical bills were astronomical, and the family home is now in danger of foreclosure. 

Jordanou is survived by her five children: Ariana (14), Athina (13), Aristotelis (11), and twins Niki and Stasi (short for Aniketos and Anastasis, 9). 

Russell, along with another friend, Amy Williams, formed Jordanou Rescue to raise means for the family. A concert benefit took place for the organization on Valentine’s Day last week. 

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to help the family at

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