Budding anger


Wherever I go, with my newly printed flyers in hand for this week’s meeting on Friday, locals are up in arms and galvanized to take action to preserve our cherished Garden Center. I hope my neighbors will join our efforts to send an unequivocal message to the owners of the Trancas property, whoever they may be. As laid back as we are here in Malibu, there is a line, and it has been crossed. We don’t want a spiffy, upscale nursery; we want our sprawling, messy garden center where bunnies run underfoot, neighbors visit on a bench at the back, and we get to relish the old-town feeling of the Malibu that brought many of us here decades ago.

Please come to our meeting on Friday, email us at savetrancasnursery@gmail.com, join our Facebook page (Save Trancas Nursery) and help spread the word. If each of us steps up and does a little, or a lot, we may be able to maintain a voice in preserving what’s left of the local, hometown charm of the Malibu we dearly love.

Susan Stiffelman