Nice catch!

Bill Barlow holds the 53.3-pound white sea bass his son, Tyler, caught on July 7 near Paradise Cove.

Tyler Barlow, 8, caught a 53.3-pound, 60-inch white sea bass on July 7 near Paradise Cove.

The Webster Elementary School student and avid fisherman used the Shimano pole and reel he won this year at the Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby to catch the large fish.

It was an epic battle to bring the sea bass out of the water, as Tyler fought for nearly 30 minutes before it was hauled aboard the 24-foot boat to the amazement of his father and fishing partner, Bill Barlow.

However, Bill did not provide any assistance with this catch, with Tyler capturing the large prize all by himself.

The fish was officially weighed at the bait dock in Marina Del Rey.