AMPS Hosts Booth at Chili Cook-Off

The AMPS booth at the Chili Cook-Off. Pictured, AMPS executive board members Seth Jacobson, Karen Farrer; City Council liaison Lou La Monte; boardmembers Melanie Goudzwaard, Robert Hayman, Craig Foster, Shamra Tankersly Strange; staff members Alexia Burton and Karen Dunphy; grandson Colin; City Council liaison Laura Rosenthal

Advocates for Malibu Public Schools (AMPS) hosted a booth for the third year in a row on Friday at the Kiwanis Chili Cook-Off. AMPS is a grassroots nonprofit group of Malibu parents and residents seeking to form an independent Malibu school district.

The group is entering a new phase in its campaign — a $100,000 matching fund. Their next Town Hall meeting will take place on Sept. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Community Room at Malibu City Hall, 23825 Stuart Ranch Rd.