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For anyone desperate for a good night’s sleep, the wait is over. An innovative pillow 12 years in the making is here to provide long-lasting comfort. 

As a leading chiropractor and renowned sports and integrated medicine specialist, Dr. Raymond Hall, invented PILLO1, three pillows combined into one to help improve quality of life through better sleep. 

“I came up with the idea in the year 2000, when I realized an increasing trend, that about four out of five people with neck pain explained that the pain occurred either during their sleep or upon awakening,” Dr. Hall said. “I surmised that the one common denominator was that of the pillow that people would sleep on.” 


The pillow, which Hall believes is the top choice in intelligent sleep, is made from three different types of eco-friendly non-toxic forms, including Talalay latex and a small portion of soy-based bio foam. Talalay latex decreases heat trapping, which reduces wrinkle formation. 

Malibu resident and “Dancing with the Stars” host Brooke Burke endorsed the product on her Twitter account, saying, “Sleeping on your back decreases wrinkles, check this out., so comfy too!” 

Dr. Hall, also a Malibu resident, graduated from the esteemed Western States Chiropractic College and is a member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians, the California Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association. 

Dr. Hall created the design from scratch. He began by using foams he acquired from G & M Mattress and Foam manufacturing in the City of Commerce, duct-taping them together and cutting them by hand. 

“I would sleep on the design, make corrections, (oftentimes in the middle of the night) and then make another correction,” Dr. Hall said. 

After years of trial and error with PILLO1, Dr. Hall met and married Andrea, whom he credits for helping the puzzle fall into place for PILLO1. 

“She had a great influence on me and with our new found passion of life and family, we decided to really put all efforts possible together for our combined passion for healing, to find new ways to promote and develop a pillow that had great legs but had nowhere to run,” Dr. Hall said. 

It took a while, but Dr. Hall eventually perfected his design. 

“Thirty-six prototypes later, we have PILLO1 that is sold now in the US and Canada,” he said. 

PILLO1 increases the very important REM or rapid eye movement sleep by more than 21 percent, decreases neck and shoulder pain and headaches, improves overall quality of sleep, decreases snoring by opening up airways, increases the healthy back lying position by 30 percent and restores the proper “C-type” neck curve. 

“PILLO1 users testified to a significant relief of chronic neck pain,” Dr. Hall said. 

“I recently discovered a product that has positively transformed the quality of my sleep,” Andrew Lande, the Santa Barbara based co-author of National Geographic’s “The Ten Best of Everything” said. “PILLO1 provides a superior pillow for back and side sleeping and redefines what a PILLO can be.” 

PILLO1’s unique design has shoulder cut-outs to reduce pressure while lying on one’s back or side and is made in three different sizes to create the perfect “fit” for whoever uses it. 

Dr. Hall estimates that with an extremely low advertising budget, he has only reached half of 1 percent of the population, but sales have grown more than 240 percent over the past year. 

PILLO1 is now sold across the nation in retail stores, including 33 Bed Bath & Beyond (including West Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks), Custom Comfort, Horton and Converse Pharmacies, online through Sharper Image, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Mariel Hemingway’s shop on Open Sky, and catalogue sales from Hammacher Schlemmer, Skymall, Abe’s “natural store.” 

“Everyone in the world should have one,” model and actress Angie Harmon said of PILLO1. 

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