Letter: Changes in Malibu

According  to the City of Malibu, commercial developers can build approximately 1.6 million square feet of buildings in the Civic Center, in the heart of Malibu. If you are a concerned resident, you should watch the short video, “Decision Malibu.” See the conflict with allowable buildings, their increase in traffic, oversized treatment plant and injected wastewater that can reach Surfrider Beach. See how it may not fit in this environmentally sensitive area and will negatively affect your pocket book and drive time. See illustrations of 1.6 million square feet of buildings, the enormous increase in traffic and 14 miles of sewage treatment plant wastewater pipeline in the heart of Malibu. Traffic increases are projected to be in the tens of thousands, daily.

The oversized treatment plant plans to inject 507 thousand gallons per day into the aquifer, which is an “unrealistically low” projection. One hundred and twenty thousand gallons per day may reach Surfrider Beach and open the sand berm more often, exposing surfers and swimmers to bacteria-laden water more frequently.

Get informed and get involved. The decision will affect public health and safety for generations to come. Help determine Malibu’s future by creating awareness of what could happen. Share the knowledge. Visit youtu.be/0BM-KslfFJ4to watch the “Decision Malibu” video.

Bob Purvey

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