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Regarding Aug. 5 letter to the editor “Brought to light”:

Being the other individual involved in the “Internet computer availability” situation which recently took place at the Malibu Public Library, I must take issue with Mr. Jackson’s description of it.

I booked an appointment by phone that morning. Arriving at the library a few minutes late, I found the reference librarian using the printer. She was surprised to see me there, not having seen my name in the appointment book. At that point, we discovered that I had inadvertently been written in at 11, rather than 1 o’clock.

Shortly afterwards, Mr. Jackson arrived. The librarian explained to him what had taken place and, understandably, he was displeased — as I too would have been. I expressed that I could be finished in 20 or 30 minutes, but the issue of his then only having 20 or 30 minutes use seemed unsatisfactory.

The head librarian then came over (whom I had spoken with on the phone). Upon becoming aware of what had taken place, she immediately apologized to Mr. Jackson. She then offered to extend his time until a quarter past the hour. This still was not to his liking. A short while later, he left.

A simple mistake was made, from which an awkward situation arose. Concessions needed to be made to accommodate the situation. Two of the three involved parties were prepared to do so.

There is no doubt in my mind that had the situation evolved in the inverse manner, Mr. Jackson would have been extended the same treatment as I — and I as he.

Ira Meyer

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