Education be darned


I am Phil Hendricks and I represent the Bond Fatigue Committee against Measure AA. ( I am an 18 year Santa Monica College employee, and a 26 year Santa Monica Resident,

Measure AA is the third misleading SMC bond measure in six years (2002 $165m, 2004 $135m, 2008 $295m), which would tota l nearly $600 million! By SMC’s own formula the bonds would have an aggregate repayment cost with interest of more than One Billion Dollars – $10,000 for every child and adult in Santa Monica/Malibu! And there is no senior exemption!

Measure AA is not about education. It is about development of a “Regional Education Center” subsidizing 25,000 Beverly Hills, West LA, Palisades, Los Angeles area, out of state, and international residents. It brings more over-building, congestion, traffic, pollution and loss of livability!

Perhaps most unforgivable is the fact that Measure AA undermines funding for our K-12 Santa Monica Malibu school children. Santa Monica Malibu Unified Schools “report card” shows that many of our students are not proficient in math and reading skills. African American and Hispanic students and families are particularly hardest hit, and deserve our community support and assistance. Measure AA will gravely diminish that possibility if it passes.

We urge everyone who loves, supports, and honors education to vote “no” on SMC’s third misleading “Regional Education Center” development and expansion bond, Measure AA. It hurts seniors, home renters, home owners, the environment, and our local K-12 Santa Monica Malibu school children.

For the first time in my life, I am opposing an “education” bond because Measure AA is not about education, and no student anywhere will be deprived of a quality education if we vote “no” on Measure AA.

The Board of Directors of the city-recognized neighborhood organization, Friends of Sunset Park, has voted to oppose Measure AA, their first ever opposition to an “education bond”. Measure AA is opposed by SM City Council candidates, Santa Monicans for Renters Rights, SMC employees, SMC educators, SMC alumni, and resident SMC students.

Phil Hendricks