Online support for schools


    Last week a letter was sent to The Malibu Times encouraging community members to purchase Christmas trees and wreaths, garlands and MHS logo clothing from the high school lot on the Point. We absolutely agree and hope the sales there are a big success for the high school.

    Continuing the idea of school support, we would like to encourage all of our community members who shop online to consider doing so at and giving school credit to your child’s school. That school will receive a rebate. All of our schools are listed for potential credit. If you don’t have children at one of our schools, please select a Malibu school (identify city and state) and the school will receive credit. Each time you shop, select a different school here in Malibu. If you select one of the public schools, 20 percent of the rebate will go to the Education Foundation which gives financial grants to teachers throughout the district.

    Our point in writing this letter is to say that we feel all schools in Malibu should benefit from such rebates. We are united in feeling strongly that all children, not just a few, should have the support of our community. Thank you for remembering all of Malibu’s outstanding schools, both public and private.

    When you shop on line go to and type in your school choice. You will be helping children all over our city.

    Thank you and happy holidays to all of you.

    Pat Cairns, principal, Cabrillo

    Phil Cott, principal, Webster

    Cynthia Gray, principal, Point Dume

    Michael Matthews, principal, Malibu High

    Terry Miller, principal, Our Lady of Malibu