KBUU Newswire – Day 221 – Tues Jun 18: City Staff Is ‘Lying And Corrupt’ Says Commissioner – Developer’s Fingerprints On Anonymous Letters – No Agenda, No Meeting – Calif Voters Want No More Malibus



This is KBUU News – Day 221 – the Tuesday Headlines:

  • =    The city attorney’s office is accused of lying and corruption by the chairman of the city planning commission. 
  • =   Steve Uhring claims the city showed favoritism to Whole Foods market .. over its grand opening party. 
  • =   The murky group that is opposing an anti-mansionization measure has a predictable backer. 
  • =   A local government agency holds a meeting without posting an agenda … until a reporter objects. 
  • =   And a huge majority of Californians say .. there should be no more building in wildfire prone areas. 


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The chairman of the city’s Planning Commission has accused planners and the deputy city attorney of lying and corruption.  Details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/accuses-city-of-lying-corruption/

The charges were hurled last night by Steve Uhring … the appointed commissioner of Skylar Peak.

Uhring says he was notified just two days of a special event … the grand opening of the Whole Foods Market … just below his house in the Malibu Knolls. 

Uhring says the city code requires a 24 day advance notice for a special events permit … to allow residents to file appeals and for city staff to respond.

Uhring filed a complaint … acting asa private citizen and not chairman of the planning commission.

Deputy city attorney Trevor Russin sent Uhring a letter defending the permit. 

That set off Uhring. 


“What basically happened was that city staff wanted to do a favor for a commercial developer. 

“So they ignored the Malibu Civil Code and issued a temporary use permit two days before the event, where it’s supposed to be 24. 

“Then they went to the city attorney and had him concoct a series of lies to try to cover it up or try to justify it. 

“That in my opinion is a textbook definition of corruption.”

Uhring repeated charged the deputy city attorney of lying about city codes and the applicable facts. 

The only comment from the deputy city attorney  was this.


RUSSIN [[ as UHRING repeatedly interrupts “I am not  I am not done.”]]: “Commissioner Uhring, I just want to caution you, if you’re going to be disclosing an attorney-client privileged conversation, I advise you not to do so.

UHRING: “You’re not my … I submitted this not as a planning commissioner but as an independent person.

“You are not my attorney, I am not your client.

“If you did send this to me as (my) attorney, I would have fired you.”

City planning commission chairman Steve Uhring … dissing his legal counsel … Trevor Russin … at last night’s planning commission meeting.


Local developers appear to be behind the anonymous letters arriving in Malibu mailboxes … claiming that their homes will be diminished in value by a proposed anti-mansionization ordinance.  Details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/mysterious-group-leaves-footprints/


Building homes in fire risk areas like Malibu is opposed by three quarters of the voters on California. 

And the legislature has to do something about So Cal Edison … quick.


We have a link to two good stories in the L-A Times …





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The Las Virgenes Council of Governments is a small … rather anonymous agency. 

The City of Malibu and four cities along the 101 Freeway are members. 

Mostly .. it is in charge of distributing regional sales tax money for road and transit projects.

It handles money … lots of money.

More than $135 million in Measure R Highway funds … most of it to pay for fancy new interchanges being built along the 101 freeway … and landscaping improvements along Agoura Road in Agoura Hills … and Mulholland Highway in Calabasas. 

Its monthly meetings are attended by four  city council members from over the hill … and one from Malibu. 

Agendas … even for small joint powers agencies … are public business and must be posted on the internet three business days in advance. 

A Malibu reporter objected … this week’s meeting was scrubbed. 

City attorney Christi Hogin this morning told KBUU News that Malibu officials serving on Brown Act bodies absolutely should not attend meetings that have not been noticed in compliance with the Brown Act.

This one wan’t. 

It was cancelled.


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