Up To 2 Inches Rain Possible Starting Sunday Night – All Roads Open (Except 23) – Malibu Rain Totals


At 7:45a Saturday, all roads open except Decker Canyon Rd Route 23 closed for storm repairs until Tuesday morning.

Forecast: partly sunny today, cloudy tomorrow, rain by midnight Sunday night. Up to 2 inches of rain possible on the Malibu between early Monday morning and that evening.

7:45a Saturday storm totals, last 48 hours. 

Upper Decker .87

Leo Carrillo .60

KBUU Trancas .75

Malibu CivCtr .48

Monte Nido / MalCyn .55

Camp8 / Las Flores .55

Topanga Cyn .57

Getty Center .64

Agoura .35