Malibu artist featured at art exhibit reception

Gay Summer Rick, a Malibu artist, is hosting a reception for her new art exhibit at BG Gallery. Above is a photo of one of Rick’s works of art. Photo courtesy of BG Gallery

Malibu artist Gay Summer Rick is hosting a reception for her new art exhibit, “Series in Sand and Sky.” It will be held on July 21 at Bleicher/Golightly Gallery, at 1431 Ocean Ave., and starts at 6:30 p.m. This is the second exhibit of Rick’s presented by BG Gallery.

Using the pallet knife to overlay colors, Rick aims to create vibrations and harmonies between interacting color layers. Rick says that her view is not just color but to convey an impression or imprint through the interaction of layers of paint, and its representation in a state of metaphysical connection within an environment.