Cites park risks


The proposed Trancas Park, though well-intentioned, is the wrong park in the wrong place. The city council’s unwillingness to address the following issues is alarming and potentially catastrophic.

Trancas Ridge (the mountain ridge above Malibu West) will be demolished by an average of 28 feet. The amount of grading to be done: approximately 65,000 cubic yards of cut and 61,000 cubic yards of fill. This is 10 times the amount allowed.

The grading will destroy a mapped ESHA (an Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area). The Department of Interior National Park Service Superintendent for the Santa Monica Mountains, Woody Smeck, concluded in an official letter to the Malibu City Council, “We find the project’s proposed extensive grading is inconsistent with Malibu Local Coastal Program policies addressing limits on grading.”

The City of Malibu will not provide supervision for the park. The park site is where a fire started a few years ago. The Corral Canyon disaster in 2007 happened because a lack of supervision allowed people to party and start a fire that burned down more than 50 homes. Trancas Canyon Road is too narrow for some fire trucks and is steep and difficult to stop on the downhill side at the entrance to the park. Trancas Canyon is a box canyon with one way in and one way out.

The City of Malibu wants to use Malibu West HOA infrastructure and access the private property of homeowners to connect storm water drains under private streets.

Steve Rucker