City Now Accepting Applications for Appointments to Environmental Review Board

Malibu City Hall

There are currently two openings for the Environmental Review Board (ERB) and the city is accepting applications for appointments of possible candidates to fill the positions. The deadline to submit your application is July 31 at 5:30 p.m. 

The ERB provides technical assistance to the city involving environmental issues on projects, as well as looking over and advising development applications suggested by the planning director and the city biologist that is inside of or close to a designated Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA).

Qualifications to be appointed to the ERB include professional experience in the fields of archaeology and either architecture or civil engineering.

Another duty of the ERB is to review development applications when the city biologist or planning director has reason to believe the project could negatively impact resources such as sensitive species, habitats, parkland geology landforms, archaeological resources, watersheds and/or shoreline resources. ERB members serve a four-year term or at the pleasure of the planning director, and they meet about once per month on an as-needed basis.

The ERB consists of seven volunteer members who also serve on the city’s Subdivision Review Committee. The appointments will be made by the planning director and only qualified individuals will be chosen. 

You can request an application or download one from the city clerk’s office at or 310.456.2489, extension 228. All completed applications are to be returned to Heather Glaser, City Clerk, City of Malibu, 23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, Calif. 90265.