Pilings are piling up

It is always nice to follow the news of the Malibu Pier restoration and other Malibu developments through your renowned newspaper.

In regards to your Sept. 10 issue, I would like to make Malibu officials aware that some or most of the missing pier pilings are washed up on the beach and are lying at the base of some homes south of the pier. The last time I was walking on the beach, I counted at least five or six pilings in a mile stretch; there might be more pilings further south.

These pilings could be salvaged and brought back to the pier for use in the restoration process. This might also help cut down on the overall repair expenses.

Let’s get The World Famous Malibu Pier fixed and put it back on the map before it becomes home for transients and we become the laughing stock for people that flock from all over to take a glimpse of our beloved Malibu Pier where “The Stars Meet the Sea.”

Roland B. Tayar

Malibu Inn Liquor Store

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