Get on with the show


    Just a few years ago we became a city vowing to work together for the betterment of our citizens and the environment. Each and every candidate subscribed to these principles, or at least they did at election time. It was decided that the citizens would have a large voice in the operation of our city. This would allow people with expertise to help with the day-to-day operation including study groups, commissions, park volunteers, arson watches, highway clean-ups, etc.

    Several months ago, a majority of the City Council decided to create additional commissions and study groups in order to consistently generate more information which could be given to the council allowing them more time to make their decisions. Now a problem has developed with the minority of the council impeding this decision. This is shortchanging the city’s ability to use the new commissions. I encourage this nearsighted attitude to stop. Let us get on with Malibu’s business.’

    Frank Basso