Letter: Recalling Council Members

Letter to the Editor

Recalling members of our city council at this juncture just makes for a more corrosive and negative environment. We elected these officials and should put our time and energy toward effecting a more positive and successful result. Being divisive at this point in time just makes the future that much more difficult. There may be personal differences with these members, but do you really think these individuals don’t have your best interests at heart in the big picture? Instead of blaming, which is very easy and seems to be a sport now, roll up your sleeves and get into the business of support. If you question someone’s decision, or non-decision—whichever is the case—call that elected official and voice your concern. I know how responsive they will be and you might be surprised at their answers. Do not be swayed; check the facts for yourself. Much of the conversation that is going around is baseless or has no place in this scenario. It is a time for healing, not for jumping into new and possibly more dangerous waters.

Chris Frost

City of Malibu Public Safety Commissioner