Malibu C.A.R.T. sponsored Eye Clinic at Malibu Library – Summary of Event


    Summary of the Recent Eye Clinic 

    Total of 17 people received a general eye exam, testing for color vision, stereovision, eye muscle alignment and visual acuity. The ophthalmologist checked for general health, dilated the eyes and administered a refraction test for eyeglasses, checking the vessels and nerves in the back of the eye.


    14 of our patients received a prescription for glasses which they will receive at the library 

    in 2 months

    4 were diagnosed in early stages of glaucoma

    2 were diagnosed in early stages of cataracts

    2 received referrals to specialists

    While many of our patients were seniors who had heard about the clinic through community websites, or local paper. We also had college students and local Malibu school students, who did not have Vision Insurance. Many people showed up hoping for an exam without an appointment, but had to be turned away due to an already full schedule. Malibu C.A.R.T. will schedule another eye clinic next fall as long as funds permit.

    UCLA Stein Eye Institute sponsors the community outreach program through a grant. This grant is in need of additional funds in order to continue supporting this community Eye Clinic program. Donations can be made to UCLA Stein Eye Institute, designate that funds are for UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic and would be greatly appreciated. Visit the Malibu C.A.R.T. website soon for more details.