Plastic Sandbag Ban Reinstated

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After a brief suspension of an ordinance banning the use of plastic sandbags, the City of Malibu reinstated the ban earlier this month.

The ordinance, first passed in May 2017, banned the usage due to environmental concerns. 

In a shared statement, the city said, “Plastic sandbags do not readily degrade and can release plastic pollution into the environment.”

Instead, residents are advised to use sandbags made of burlap or jute.

The ban was originally lifted due to the heavy rain Malibu received after the Woolsey Fire to help residents protect their homes.

Local and state agencies—including the LA County Fire Department, LA County Public Works, Caltrans and Southern California Edison—have been notified of the ban.

Residents who notice plastic sandbags being used, or find remnants of the bags, should call 310.456.2489 ext. 484 or email