Letter: What Have We Become?

Letter to the Editor

My husband experienced an extreme diabetic low blood sugar this afternoon after taking our two boys to the Malibu Skate Park. He went into Subway to buy cookies and was denied service by the manager because he didn’t have a mask on. When experiencing a diabetic low blood sugar, my husband is usually confused, perspiring, and often having muscle spasms. It is very obvious that he is not OK. He didn’t have the wherewithal to grab a mask and put it on. My children are young and were frightened.

I understand that L.A. County has a mask mandate but in times of medical emergency, helping a human who is clearly having a medical emergency must take precedence over a mask mandate. What has this world come to? My husband was not going to infect anyone with COVID-19 in the three minutes it took to purchase cookies!

This, meaning the pandemic and the continued media-driven propaganda and politically motivated mandates, needs to stop! When we forget our common humanity and refuse to help a fellow human because he/she is not wearing a mask, we have reached a new level of inhumanity. Wake up, Malibu! Wake up, America!

Jenny Rusinko