We like Mike


    I am disheartened by some of the latest editorials and letters to the editor. It is so easy to criticize and blame people. We forget about being thankful for all the good they do, how much they serve and sacrifice for others. One of the people I am speaking about is Mike Matthews. I don’t know Mr. Matthews personally, but I feel like I know him very well because I see who he is and what he does, not only through my own eyes, but through the eyes of my children. Mike Matthews is a man they admire and respect and think is doing an amazing job. They are not alone in this opinion. All of their friends who are students at Malibu High School feel the same way. I am sure the serious incidents that happened at school last week will bring another barrage of complaints and letters to the editor asking why Mike Matthews isn’t out there searching every student for weapons or personally installing metal detectors at the entrance of classrooms. I know I am not alone in realizing what a great job Mike Matthews is doing. I hope I am not alone in thanking him for it. Mr. Matthews, I don’t want you out directing traffic or frisking students as they enter the school. I want you just where you are, in the classroom and in the school, teaching and inspiring my children. If you happen to hear a horn honk at 5 a.m. when you are in your office correcting voluminous essays from your students, giving immediate response to parents’ concerns and questions, going over building plans, or only dealing with the thousands of details in the administration of our school, it’s just a thankful mother driving to work knowing her children are in the best hands possible with you at Malibu High School.

    Carla McCloskey