On thin ice


    Dear Skateboarders:

    Do you know that vandalism is the mischievous or malicious destruction or damage to property?

    … That vandalism is not only unacceptable behavior but that it is a crime?

    Do you know that the raised sidewalk outside the gallery was specifically designed to aid the handicapped and not as a skateboarding venue?

    … That the large, white stucco planters were not built to serve as a launching point for skateboards? To be chipped, cracked and stained by skateboard paint and wheel marks, as well as the green stain from smashed plants?

    …That the flowers were planted for the enjoyment of passersby and not to be crushed and/or pulled out by skateboarders?

    …That the sidewalk surface was not intended to be stained by crushed plants and skateboard skid marks?

    … That the white handicap railing was installed to protect people from falling and not as a surface to be scratched and chipped by the wheels of skateboards rolled across the top?

    … That a thoughtful woman recently called from her car phone after hours to notify us that a group of skateboarders were damaging the exterior of the gallery and were about to crash into the glass windows if they fell in the wrong direction?

    When a skateboard park, specifically designed for your use and dedicated to you, opened a few weeks ago, I hoped that this situation would be resolved and that we would all be able to co-exist peacefully. Unfortunately, I was wrong. In fact, things might have gotten worse.

    On behalf of the gallery and all of its neighbors in the Country Mart area who might be affected by your behavior, I ask you to please refrain from damaging our property and to use good judgment when skateboarding away from your park.

    With great appreciating for your support and understanding,

    Denyse McLean

    McLean Gallery