Miles to go


    Comments attributed to me by my former Telecommunications Commissioner’s husband at the last City Council meeting are incorrect. I never threatened to embarrass my former commissioner. Instead, I specifically offered my former commissioner an opportunity to resign in order to avoid my having to remove her from her position at a public meeting as required by city law. Nor did I ever tell her which candidates she had to support or not support in the upcoming 2000 City Council election. Call me old-fashioned, but I assume private telephone conversations should remain private.

    Your current City Council has much to do before April 11, 2000, and I remain committed to working with my colleagues and the city staff to govern Malibu by results. We have committed to finishing a Master Plan of Parks and Recreation; to establishing a “students in government” day; to starting up the first Malibu Youth Commission; to implementing a new volunteer “Round-Up for Kids” revenue source to fund parks & recreation services; to trying to negotiate an acceptable development agreement with the Malibu Bay Company to secure public amenities such as sports fields, a senior/community center, open space and a constructed wetlands; to finally finish the implementation of permit streamlining; to submitting a draft Local Coastal Plan to the Coastal Commission; to revising the Interim Zoning Ordinance; to adopting a hillside management program based on topography and geology, not generalities; to preparing a floodplain mitigation program as funded by FEMA; to negotiating a new cable TV franchise; to negotiating a shared use cable TV studio with Malibu High School; to securing a new educational/community access channel; to redesigning and improving the city’s web site to include on-line permitting applications and class registration; to adopting a long-term Malibu Economic Plan; to adopting a Trails Master Plan; to implementing federally-funded PCH traffic safety improvements, including a new Traffic Information/Emergency Radio system; to developing a local auto decal program for emergency access; to finishing repairs on Vantage Point Terrace, Calle del Barco and Corral Canyon Road; to reviewing recommendations to improve the city’s water supply and infrastructure; to install stormceptors to help clean up Malibu Creek and Lagoon; to adopting a long-term Capital Improvement Plan; to re-opening an access road to Rambla; to improving code enforcement response time; to adopting new private sewage disposal standards; to hiring a new city attorney; to securing outstanding FEMA reimbursement for past city natural disaster outlays; to construct a Wildlife Road trail; and to work with the city’s lobbyists to achieve our legislative and intergovernmental goals.

    And that’s in addition to overseeing the ongoing programs and services of your city government.

    Tom Hasse, city councilmember